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Lianhua Technology COD Analyzer 5B-3C (V8)

发布时间: 2013-09-17 13:31 Popularity: 37921 Published time: 2013-09-17 13:31

Keywords: Water quality monitor COD ammonia nitrogen

Product model: 5B-3C (V8)

Application: water treatment

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It is completely designed and manufactured in accordance with the new national law "Fast Digestion Spectrophotometry (HJ / T 399-2007)", which is applicable to many testing standards at home and abroad.


(1) Quick and accurate determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in surface water, reclaimed water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater;

(2) Simultaneous determination of high and low concentration COD water samples, and can be extended to use as an ammonia nitrogen analyzer (optional);

(3) Independent two-light path non-interference system, high accuracy, long life and more stable;

(4) High-definition color LCD display, humanized operation tips, easier to use;

(5) With intelligent data analysis curve chart function, data analysis is clear at a glance;

(6) Large and small font display modes can be switched freely, the display data is more clear, and the parameters are more detailed;

(7) Transfer current and historical data to the computer, support USB, infrared wireless transmission (optional);

(8) Support two colorimetric methods of cuvette and cuvette at the same time;

(9) The blowout hood is made of fully transparent imported heat-resistant materials to ensure the safety and reliability of the experiment;

(10) Support historical data storage, which can store 12,000 data;

(11) There are 180 curves in memory, of which 30 standard curves can be used without adjustment, and the remaining 150 extended curves can be freely applied under different conditions such as different personnel, different environments, and different wastewater;

(12) Print the current data and all stored historical data;

(13) Cold light source, narrow-band interference, light source life of 100,000 hours;

(14) Support automatic curve correction and automatic saving;

(15) Direct reading of concentration, Chinese display interface, full Chinese keyboard;

(16) Dimming temperature adjustment range from room temperature to 190 ℃, wider compatibility;

(17) 1 minute to 96 hours ultra wide timing time adjustment range, more versatile;

(18) Intelligent timing heating, time-delay protection, energy saving technical indicators:

Host Measurement items COD high range COD low range Ammonia nitrogen
Measurement wavelength 610 20nm 420 20nm 420 20nm
Measurement range 10-5000mg / L (staged) 2-150mg / L (staged) 0.02-30mg / L (staged)
Measurement accuracy COD <50mg / L, ≤ 10%
COD> 50mg / L, ≤ 5%
≤ 10% ≤ 10%
Minimum detection limit 0.1mg / L 0.1mg / L 0.01mg / L
Measurement time 20 minutes 20 minutes 10 ~ 15 minutes
Batch throughput 15/30 (optional) water samples 15/30 (optional) water samples 20 water samples (expandable)
Repeatability ≤ 5% ≤ 5% ≤ 5%
Light source life 100,000 hours
Optically stable ≤0.001A / 20 minutes
Resistant to chlorine interference [Cl-] ﹤ 1000mg / L has no effect
[Cl-] ﹤ 4000mg / L (optional)
Colorimetric method Cuvette, cuvette
Storing data 12,000
Number of curves 180
Display method Color LCD (resolution 320x240)
Communication Interface USB / infrared (optional)
Power supply 220V
Digester Digestion temperature 165 ℃ 0.5 ℃
Digestion time 10/15 minutes (optional)
on off timer 3 3 3
Timing accuracy 0.2 seconds / hour
Power supply 220V AC power supply

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