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Lvchuang ultra-micro hole muffler

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Application: noise and vibration control

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Widely used in hospitals, health resorts, sports and fitness venues, libraries, museums, high-end clubs, high-end office spaces, high-end villa areas, rail transit public places, and industrial production and other fields to reduce noise in air conditioning and ventilation systems.


High sound absorption efficiency, constant sound absorption performance, and has the advantage of good low-frequency, especially low-frequency muffler effect;

Use of green acoustic materials, will not produce harmful dust and inhalable particulate matter and cause secondary pollution to the environment;
The surface is flat, beautiful and free of burrs;

Fire resistance, moisture resistance, acid resistance, no aging, and no fear of water, oil, high temperature, etc .;

Simple construction, easy installation and easy disassembly.

Structure type and performance

Ultra-micro-plate mufflers are available in single-layer, double-layer, and composite types in structure;

Using wide-frequency sound-absorbing materials, the muffler frequency band is wider, and the muffler effect is obviously better than the ordinary micro-well plate muffler commonly used;

Ultra-micro-plate muffler uses ultra-fine ultra-micro-hole plate with small surface flow resistance. The pressure loss is much smaller than that of porous protective panel + fiber cotton resistive muffler. The aerodynamic performance is also better than ordinary micro-holes. Plate muffler.

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