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Ecopure? RTO: For efficient purification of exhaust gases

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Keywords: organic waste gas purification equipment

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Application: Atmospheric control

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The Ecopure? RTO unit is mainly used to purify exhaust gas discharged from the following industries with a maximum pollutant concentration of about 10 g / mN3:

* Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

* Paint and spray industry

* Printing Industry

When the concentration of polluted gas is about 2 g / mN3, the device will run in automatic thermal operation mode.

In this case, no additional fuel is required.

Ecopure? RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidation is the best method when the exhaust gas from the production process must be purified, but no heating source is required or required in the process production.

The Ecopure? RTO unit consists of the following main components: a regenerative heat storage tower, a combustion chamber with a burner system, and an air guide system with valves and fans.

The regenerative heat storage tower is filled with ceramic fillers and a thermal insulation lining is used to adapt to the high temperature during the reaction.

The combustion chamber is also lined with fiber material. The combustion chamber connects the regeneration towers together. The burner is located on the side for easy access by staff. The burner has a separate combustion air connection. The required valves, instrument accessories and monitoring devices have been assembled before leaving the factory, and connected to the burner through flexible connection pipes.

Untreated gas and clean gas pipes are equipped with integrated tight-close valves at the exhaust and clean gas outlets; dampers are provided at the purge air inlets – if a purge cycle is designed (see below) – they are air-guiding Part of the system. All valves and dampers are located in the lower part of the regeneration tower for easy operation and maintenance.

Under the action of the fan, the exhaust gas enters the Ecopure? RTO unit and alternately enters one of the regeneration towers through the valve under the control of the time control system. The exhaust gas passes through the hot packed bed from bottom to top and is preheated in the process. Most hydrocarbons are oxidized.

If necessary, the burner can heat the untreated gas to a temperature of about 820 C for final combustion and / or final reaction. Contaminants are completely oxidized during this process. The purified exhaust gas then passes through the heat exchanger in the regeneration tower 2 from top to bottom, and in the process transfers the heat carried to the packed bed.

When the packed bed reaches a certain temperature and / or reaches its optimal storage hot spot, the airflow direction in the regeneration tower changes. Untreated gas now passes through regeneration tower 2 from the bottom up, is oxidized in the combustion chamber, and leaves the system as clean gas through regeneration tower 1.

The system is continuously switched to ensure the best performance of the heat storage heat exchanger and the best gas purification efficiency.

Depending on the application, the temperature of the clean gas is 40 C higher than that of the untreated gas.

In the Ecopure? RTO unit with an odd number of regeneration towers, one regeneration tower is purged before flowing through purified air before the next processing cycle. In this mode of operation, there is always a regeneration tower that is always in the purge phase. The advantage is that the maximum amount of pollutants in the exhaust gas can be avoided when the poppet valve is switched. This also means that lower emission limit requirements can be met.

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