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Drr Painting System Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Drr Painting System Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

As one of the world leaders, Drr China Drr Group mainly provides related products, systems and various services for the automotive industry. Our products and services cover all important stages of the automotive industry. As a system supplier, we plan and build painting workshops and terminal assembly facilities. In addition, we also provide cleaning and filtering systems for engine products, transmission systems, and dynamic balancing systems for automotive parts. Our Lord ...

Main business: Our work is dedicated to providing purified exhaust gas for industrial fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, post-painting, painting, dipping, printing, paper coloring or treatment, textile, plastic, gold foil coating and wood processing, Pollution control equipment for reducing odor emissions. Our business scope covers the entire process from solution planning to completion of turnkey turnkey projects, thanks to our long-term experience in different application areas and comprehensive research

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Ecopure? VAR: residue-free waste gas incinerator 2009-10-22

Abstract: Appropriate methods can be used to remove residual inorganic products, such as halides and sulfides. If nitrogen compounds are contained in the exhaust gas or liquid residue, multiple nitrogen removal methods should be used to remove them. For dioxins and furans, it can also ... Popularity: 3389

Ecopure? KPR: for effective increase of solvent concentration

Abstract: The Ecopure? KPR device is mainly used to treat large amounts of exhaust gas with a pollutant concentration of about 1 g / m3. Popularity: 2051

Ecopure? RTO: For efficient purification of exhaust air 2009-10-22

Abstract: Ecopure? RTO device is mainly used to purify the exhaust gas discharged from the following industries with a maximum pollutant concentration of about 10 g / mN3.

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