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Cooling lubricant systems for automotive suppliers

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? 清洗工艺在工业领域的应用 Comprex ? cleaning process for industrial applications

Cleaning of cooling lubricant system of cylinder head production line

Removing sediment and metal debris from the emulsion circulation system to improve the system's work efficiency and operation safety to cooling the lubricant system is difficult, the distance in the workshop is far

Technical Parameters:
3 cooling lubricant systems and 4 processing equipment pipelines: inlet DN 80, outlet DN 150
System pressure 5 bar

Comprex? process cleaning system:
Effective cleaning of the system by inputting air and waterThe mobile Comprex? device can be used very close to the cooling lubricant system (Figure 1)

Connected to the cooling lubricant system via a converter (Figure 2)

The cleaning solution is poured into a container (Figure 3), and the sewage is pumped away

First clean the main pipes and then the remaining processing equipment

Show the progress of cleaning by observing the change in turbidity (Figure 4)

2 shifts, 2 operators per shift

On-site operation takes about 20 hours


Sediment is removed

Restore system functionality and productivity

Effective and safe operation
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