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Baiyun A series shock absorber

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Application: noise and vibration control

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Product introduction

A type low frequency composite rubber spring shock absorber is a composite of rubber and spring. It not only has the characteristics of large rubber damping ratio, but also has the characteristics of low natural frequency of steel springs, which can effectively reduce the high Vibration generated at low, medium and low speeds. It is particularly suitable for eliminating low-frequency vibration solid transmission noise; good isofrequency performance; when the equipment is greater than the rated load, the natural frequency of the shock absorber can remain unchanged; the damping ratio is moderate, and the ability to suppress resonance peaks is strong. It has superior performance, simple structure, reasonable design and convenient installation. This series of products can consider the multi-directional vibration of small and medium-sized machines, so the base is bolted to the base to make the equipment safe and reliable.


This product has the dual advantages of good elasticity, low natural frequency and large damping ratio of rubber shock absorber. It can eliminate the phenomenon of the surge in amplitude of the resonance specific to steel springs; in a wide range of interference frequencies It has quite obvious vibration isolation effect; the stability of lateral and vertical stiffness is good, and the self-vibration caused by transient impact response and transient excessive working conditions can disappear quickly, which makes the equipment run stably and stops quickly.

This product is equipped with a unique design of adjustable high and low level fasteners with non-slip damping rubber adjustable platform, which is especially suitable for machine tools and equipment that require horizontal installation.

This product is made of high-quality nitrile synthetic rubber material and high-quality steel spring. It has been compounded and vulcanized after multiple formulation tests. The spring and rubber are integrated into one body. It has oil resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Anti-slip cushion made of nitrile synthetic rubber.

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