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Baiyun ZGT type shock absorber

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Application: noise and vibration control

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Product introduction

ZGT type damping steel spring shock absorber can be suitable for various types of mechanical equipment such as diesel, air compressor, air conditioner, refrigerator, punch, fan installed on land, indoor, overhead floor, etc. , Water pumps, precision instruments, testing and testing machines and other types of mechanical equipment vibration isolation and noise reduction. The low-frequency vibration solid sound transmission generated by power transformers and variable-frequency pumps installed indoors and overhead can achieve good vibration isolation and noise reduction. This product is particularly suitable for medium and low-speed mechanical equipment, which can eliminate solid-frequency vibration from low-frequency vibrations. This product has a low natural frequency, a suitable damping ratio, and stable lateral performance. At the same time, it has a strong ability to suppress resonance peaks. It has short resonance time and stable equipment operation , Fast parking, superior performance, reasonable design and easy installation. This product uses high-quality steel springs, latex damping sheaths, spring center rubber rings, support blocks for the upper and lower end covers, and lateral damping rubber rings using high-quality nitrile synthetic rubber materials that are resistant to oil, corrosion and aging. The upper and lower shells are machined and turned using pressure-resistant and impact-resistant rare earth nodular cast iron.

Features and Series

ZGT damping steel spring shock absorber uses ordinary compressed cylindrical coil spring as the elastic element. A high-quality nitrile rubber ring is sleeved on the inner ring of the spring. The steel spring shock absorber has good elasticity, low natural frequency and rubber vibration damping. It has the dual advantages of large damping ratio, and can eliminate the phenomenon of the surge in amplitude of the resonance unique to steel springs. It has a fairly obvious vibration isolation effect in a wide range of interference frequencies; in addition, it sits on the upper cover and the bottom. A circular vertical lateral damping rubber ring is used to increase the vertical damping coefficient and increase the longitudinal and lateral stiffness, ensuring the normal and safe operation of the equipment, making the equipment stable and stopping quickly. The product is equipped with a unique design of adjustable high and low level fasteners with non-slip damping rubber adjustable platform, which is especially suitable for machine tools and equipment that require horizontal installation.

This product is called ZGT type damping steel spring shock absorber. There are 2 series and 112 products. The single load is from 78.4N (Newton) to 63,700 N (Newton). The natural frequency is 2.2Hz under various loads. 3.5Hz, damping ratio D = 0.04

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