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Continuous pyrolysis incineration system

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Application: solid waste disposal

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Technology provided by : Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology

Scope of application

It is suitable for the treatment of medical waste and other solid wastes with higher heating value.

Main technical content

First, the basic principle

According to the principle of pyrolysis, materials are heated under anoxic conditions to decompose the organic components in the waste and generate flammable gases. Because pyrolysis can generate combustible materials, in addition to the need for heating in the oven, there is basically no need to supply additional heat during the operation, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption required for incineration and achieves the goal of saving energy and reducing operating costs. Because a small amount of air is passed into the pyrolysis furnace and the temperature of pyrolysis is reasonably controlled, the amount of flue gas generated will be greatly reduced, and the content of harmful substances such as dust and heavy metals in the flue gas will be reduced. achieve.

Technical key

The system's main incineration equipment, a combustion chamber, is a pyrolysis furnace capable of continuous operation for 24 hours and automatic ash discharge. By controlling the furnace temperature and oxygen supply conditions of the pyrolysis furnace, the solid waste is dried, pyrolyzed, and burned out in the furnace. The burned ash is discharged through the ash discharge mechanism at the bottom of the furnace body to achieve continuous operation of the device. And automatically ash. Adopting advanced two British control technology and secondary pollution prevention technology, at the same time set explosion-proof, anti-scald, fire protection, electrical protection and emergency emergency linkage devices to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Typical scale

Capacity: 5-8t / d

Main technical indicators and conditions

I. Technical indicators

Primary combustion chamber temperature: 450-650 ℃ Incineration efficiency:> 99.900

Secondary combustion chamber temperature:> 850 ℃ Auxiliary fuel: light diesel

Second combustion chamber flue gas residence time:> 2s System fuel consumption: 0-60 kg / h

Ash slag reduction rate: <5% Installed capacity: 90 kW (system operating power is less than 45 kW)


Process equipment requires lightning protection and grounding.

Fire protection and communication facilities are required in the process installation area.

Pharmaceutical supply: activated carbon, alkali.

Main equipment and operation management

The entire system includes a primary combustion chamber (pyrolysis furnace), a secondary combustion chamber, a heat exchanger system, an exhaust gas treatment system, a combustion support system, an electrical control system, and a heat exchange water recycling system.

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