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Beijing Electromechanical Institute sludge drying incineration treatment system

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Application: solid waste disposal

Product Price: Negotiable

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The main technical parameters

Capacity: 5-150 tons / day

Elimination rate of toxic and harmful substances:> 99.99%

Furnace temperature: 800-1100 ℃

High temperature flue gas residence time> 2 seconds

Core technologies

The complete equipment includes two parts: drying and incineration.

The wet sludge is dried to less than 40% water content, and the dried sludge is put into a rotary kiln for incineration.

The incineration section has two combustion chambers. The dried sludge is burned by the high temperature of the two combustion chambers to achieve the purposes of thorough sterilization, disinfection, deodorization and volume reduction.

The incineration section is equipped with a waste heat utilization system to generate steam for front-end sludge drying. The entire system achieves its own energy balance without the need to add auxiliary fuel.

There is a complete set of exhaust gas treatment equipment, which constitutes a reliable flue gas treatment system, without secondary pollution.

Advanced automatic control technology guarantees safe and reliable equipment operation, low operating cost and significant economic benefits.

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