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Beijing Electromechanical Institute Centralized Large-scale Medical Waste Treatment System

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Application: solid waste disposal

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The main technical parameters

Capacity: 50-5000 kg / hour

Elimination rate of toxic and harmful substances:> 99.99%

Furnace temperature: 750-1200 ℃

High temperature flue gas residence time> 2 seconds

With the development of China's medical and health undertakings, a large number of medical wastes that endanger the public environment have been generated. These wastes have been listed in the "National Hazardous Waste List" and are highly contagious and dangerous. Beijing Jigao Institute has formed a complete technology for treating medical waste with rotary kiln incineration technology through years of technological development. There are now demonstration projects in Beijing, Fujian, Hebei and other places, all of which have passed smoke dioxin analysis and testing.

Core technologies

The plant has two combustion chambers and is suitable for large-scale centralized treatment of medical waste. These wastes are burned through the high temperature of two combustion chambers to achieve the purpose of complete sterilization, disinfection and deodorization. The waste heat utilization system is equipped with a complete set of exhaust gas treatment equipment to form a reliable flue gas treatment system without secondary pollution. . Advanced automatic control technology guarantees safe and reliable equipment operation, low operating cost, and significant economic benefits.

Typical performance

Medical Waste Incineration Plant Phase I and Phase II Project of Fujian Solid Waste Disposal Center

This device is a comprehensive incineration device that mainly incinerates medical waste and can incinerate industrial solid, semi-solid and liquid wastes at the same time, with an annual processing capacity of 4,300 tons in the first phase and an annual processing capacity of 2,500 tons in the second phase. It was listed as a model project of medical waste treatment by the State Environmental Protection Administration and Fujian Province, and passed the smoke dioxin analysis test of the National Environmental Analysis and Testing Center at one time. No. (2003) No. (017).

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