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Diecasting machine oil mist purification equipment

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Keywords: industrial oil mist purifier, die casting machine, oil mist purifier, die casting machine, exhaust gas purification

Product model: FOM-EP

Application: Atmospheric control

Product Price: 29500

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Sources of foundry flue gas pollutants

At present, the common die-casting processes are hot-chamber die-casting and cold-chamber die-casting. Cold-chamber die-casting uses liquid metal as the raw material, the spray body enters the die-casting molding, and the mold wall is cooled by circulating cooling water. After pre-heating, it is injected into the mold for die-casting. The pre-heating and mold heating generally use electric heating. During the process of die-casting, smoke, heat, dust, etc. will be generated. These exhaust gases and smoke contain various metal oxides and non-metals. Oxides, and may also contain harmful substances, these can cause pollution to the environment.

Composition and characteristics of smoke

According to the regulations of the insurance department, the waste gas produced by the industrial sector can be divided into two types: waste gas containing fruit particles and waste gas containing gaseous pollutants. The molten aluminum die casting machine in this project mainly produces particulate matter-containing waste gas and gaseous gas. Pollutants and waste gas, particulate poisonous waste gas is mainly metal oxides and non-metal oxides produced during the smelting process, such as: Mg, Zn, Ca, Al, Fe, Na, K valve compounds and chlorides, and A large amount of carbon particles, ash powder, etc. constitute the process lamp bath; a small amount of pollutants and exhaust gases are mainly CO, CO2, NOX, SO2, hydrocarbons and volatile metal oxides generated during the smelting process.

According to the summary of relevant production experience and the data provided by the factory, combined with the characteristics of the flue gas, the treatment process of this project needs to consider the treatment of gaseous pollutant exhaust gas and particulate exhaust gas.

Principle of Die Casting Fume Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment

Jinke FOM-EP oil fume purification equipment is light in design and more convenient to remove and replace than other systems on the market. It also avoids expensive filter media replacements, requiring only simple cleaning. The system uses two-stage electrostatic technology and is equipped with an ionization zone and a dust collection zone. The ionization zone can charge the particles, and then separate the particles from the air through an electrostatic field. The sub-micron level polluted particles are collected and removed on the dust collecting plate to ensure that the equipment exhausts clean air. It not only ensures the cleanness of the air, but also eliminates the cost of expensive filter media replacement. The oil fume exhaust gas is sucked into the purification system under the action of the fan. 70% of the oil fume dust (particles above 5 microns) is intercepted by the primary filter, and then purified by the secondary air-flow diversion filter to purify the oil fume of 1-3 microns After soot and dust are mechanically filtered, when particles below 0.3um pass through the high-voltage electric field formed between the cathode of the high-voltage DC power supply and the grounded anode, the cathode undergoes a corona discharge, the gas is ionized, and negatively charged gas ions in The sun plate moves under the action, and collides with the smoke particles during the movement, so that the dust particles are negatively charged. After the charged particles reach the anode, the electrons are released, and the dust particles are deposited on the anode plate. The purified gas is discharged outside the purifier.

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