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UNisort cutting-edge technology for automated sorting of recyclables

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Application: solid waste disposal

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, Household garbage

,electronic waste

, Waste plastic

, Scrap metal

, Paper waste

, Light packaging waste

, Industrial and commercial waste

, Car crushed material

Very powerful processing technology to realize rapid identification of mixed sorting materials, and then sort or sort the interference impurities from the materials in order. It has fast and easy operation, large processing capacity, high sorting purity and precision, and is manufactured according to the special needs of users. It is convenient and flexible to expand the functions to meet the characteristics of the future Unisorl equipment.

working principle

, The sorted material is evenly fed to the sorting equipment

, The sensor system recognizes the material and color or one of the two characteristics to determine the precise location of the material

Separating the desired material from the selected material when passing through the high-pressure air nozzle system

UNISORT @ identification sensor suitable for sorting of all materials
NIR—Near Infrared Identification Sensor

NIR (Near Infrared) identification sensor is a sorting configuration for high-throughput mixed materials according to the nature of the material. The wide-band spectrum can be quickly and accurately and reliably identified and compared to meet the requirements of different sorting tasks. Using NIR identification sensors can not only identify plastics Japanese paper and wood materials, and different material mixtures can be identified at a speed of 3,5 meters per second. The system has extremely high resolution, and the particle size of the sorted materials above 3 mm can reach a high purity.

X-ray recognition sensor

The X-ray recognition sensor can penetrate and identify materials, and is suitable for the separation of dark materials, such as the fine separation of crushed chlorine-containing materials, metal and non-metals.

Metal identification sensor

The detection principle is based on the induction change of the material to the electromagnetic field. The metal identification sensor can detect all metal objects or select ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic and stainless steel. It can also identify wires and cables and other slender metal objects.

Color recognition sensor

The color recognition sensor uses the material color difference as a sorting standard. No matter the material target is a reflective system and a light-transmitting system, it can achieve a large processing capacity, and the same is true for small materials.

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