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Baili PDJ Series Bag Breaker

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Application: solid waste disposal

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PDJ series bag breaking machine is a special equipment for pre-treatment of domestic garbage. There are two kinds of bag breaking methods: crocodile type and shear type. Through the special design of fixed knife and movable knife, various bagged garbage can be instantly opened. Entangling and not hanging. This equipment is unique to our company, and it has an excellent effect in the sorting and treatment of urban residents' domestic waste, with a bag breaking rate of more than 90%.

working principle

The feeder uniformly feeds the garbage, and the garbage entering the bag breaker is immediately taken between the knife storage. Because the knife body is performing a rotating movement, the bagged garbage can be opened to separate the garbage from the plastic bag. When the tool magazine is overloaded or enters a large unprocessable garbage, the electrical control system will stop and then discharge it out of the machine in reverse. The garbage that has passed through the broken bag is transferred to the next process by the belt conveyor below the broken bag machine.

Technical Parameters

model parameter
Capacity (m3 / h) Total power (kW) Structure type
TBH-PDJ-J-16 unit 50 15 Fixed
TBH-PDJ-J-12 unit 30 11 Fixed
TBH-PDJ-J-10 unit 20 7.5 Fixed

Appearance, interface size Unit: mm

model parameter
Feed height H1 Long L Wide B High H
TBH-PDJ-J-16 unit 5060 4255 2520 5530
TBH-PDJ-J-12 unit 4500 3900 2300 5000
TBH-PDJ-J-10 unit 4200 3400 2000 4500

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