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Hebei Tianyide-coal-fired boiler dust collector is widely used

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Keywords: Boiler Dust Collector, Coal Fired Boiler Dust Collector, Industrial Coal Fired Boiler Dust Collector

Product model: complete

Application: Atmospheric control

Product price: 6500

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With the widespread use of coal-fired boiler dust collectors, the environmental pollution of coal-fired boilers has become increasingly serious, so the requirements for the use of coal-fired boiler dust collectors have also greatly increased. According to this status, our company designed the bag dust collector, using advanced gas diversion technology, combined with our company's many years of production experience, continuous innovation and improvement, so that the cost of coal-fired boiler dust collector is increasing. The lower it is, the higher the dust removal effect becomes, the lower the operating cost becomes, and the emissions reach the new standard. Tianyide will explain this product for you below.

The coal-fired boiler dust collector adopts stainless steel 304 material to solve the problems of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, etc., and more completely solves some practical problems of wet desulfurization dust collector equipment. Therefore, the coal-fired boiler dust collector is an optional and ideal environmental protection product for coal-fired, oil-fired boilers, coal-water slurry boilers, kiln, metallurgy, chemical industry, acid mist purification, thermal power plants, cement plants, etc.

The main features of the coal-fired boiler dust collector are as follows:

1. Large air volume per unit volume, small system resistance and high dust removal efficiency.

2. Dust collector protection technology: the use of on-line detection equipment such as bypass systems, pipeline powder spraying devices (pre-spraying devices, supporting by the process) and filter bag leak detection devices, which solves the problem of dust collectors during boiler fueling and combustion and boiler failure Protection issues.

3. Application technology of high-temperature-resistant filter media: It solves the problems of high boiler flue gas temperature, ordinary filter media cannot withstand, and short service life of ordinary filter media, while taking into account the performance-price ratio of filter media.

4. Application of offline maintenance technology: The non-stop maintenance function of the dust collector is realized. It is guaranteed that the operation of the boiler will not be affected by the reason of the dust collector.

5. Low-pressure injection technology: The application of low-pressure, high-efficiency, long-life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve, combined with the unique design and processing methods of the injection pipe, has completely changed the dust removal method of the bag filter.

6. Application of detection and monitoring technology: According to the characteristics of the dust collector, advanced online detection and monitoring equipment such as flue gas temperature, humidity, dust collector operating pressure detection, material level detection, and operating equipment failure detection are set.

7. The use of PLC programmable controller ensures the automation of the operation of the dust collector as the main operating equipment of the power plant.

8. Resistance control of equipment: Through a series of unique considerations in equipment design, the safety and reliability of the overall resistance of the equipment is guaranteed from the aspects of equipment structure and filter material.

9. The whole machine can be changed and repaired in different rooms, and the running rate of the machine can reach 100%.

How does a coal-fired boiler dust collector work? When the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet, it first encounters the inclined partition in the middle of the air inlet, and the airflow turns to the ash hopper, and the flow velocity becomes slower. Due to inertia, coarse particles of dust in the gas directly fall into the ash hopper. It plays the role of pre-collection of dust. The airflow entering the ash fold back up through the filter bag with a metal frame inside. The dust is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas enters the upper box of the upper part of the filter bag. The poppet valve is collected at the air outlet for discharge. When dust accumulates on the surface of a certain indoor bag, the controller sends a command to close the poppet valve to block the gas filtration in the room. The controller sends a command to open the pulse valve, and the high-pressure air enters the bag at high speed. The bag is blown in the opposite direction of the chamber, so that the dust attached to the outside of the bag is dropped into the ash hopper to complete the cleaning process of the bag. Through the control of the controller, the other bag chambers are cleaned in turn.

Among the many coal-fired boiler dust collector manufacturers in Hebei, [Hebei Tianyide Environmental Protection Equipment] stands out, regardless of its strength, technology, and equipment quality. It has a great advantage. The important thing is that the price is good and inexpensive, Equipment] To sell equipment with a small profit but high sales volume, single equipment has low profit, which is very worth buying for users. If you want to know more, please enter our website ( or call our customer service 13633275159. We will give you a satisfactory answer.

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