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Application characteristics of pig manure turning harrow in Zhejiang Jinhua organic fertilizer fermentation equipment

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Application characteristics of pig manure turning harrow in Zhejiang Jinhua organic fertilizer fermentation equipment

The pig manure fermentation turning harrow can change the compost production from a single tank to a multi-tank fermentation under the action of a lifter, and can randomly change the tanks in multiple tanks to realize the use of one machine with multiple tanks. The pig manure fermentation harrow compost is evenly agglomerated, and the fermentation heats up fast, and the dehydration and drying effect is good. 强度,减少生产用工,节约成本。 Reduce labor intensity, reduce production labor, and save costs. The mobile pig manure fermentation turning harrow consists of two parts: stirring and displacement. During work, it can realize the functions of ventilation, crushing, loosening, etc. It is an indispensable equipment for organic fertilizer production. Its small size, high work efficiency, stable operation, flexible installation, simple operation, strong adaptability to the site, simple maintenance and easy operation.

Application of pig manure turning harrow:

1. Almost no odor, low viscosity, can be used as fertilizer.

2. Stir in the straw bran, add bacteria to ferment, and granulate to make compound organic fertilizer.

3. At the same time, it can be made into pellet feed, which is a good feed for fish.

/ 特种经济作物施肥,能改造土壤的有机质。 4. Fertilization for flowers / special economic crops can transform the organic matter of the soil.

5. Selling organic fertilizer can get additional economic benefits.

效率高,运行平稳,坚固耐用,翻抛均匀;控制柜集中控制,可实现手动或自动控制功能;、配有软启动器,启动时冲击负荷低;配有拨齿液压升降系统;拨齿坚固耐用,对物料具有一定的打碎和混合功能; Equipment features: suitable for aerobic fermentation, can be used with solar fermentation room, fermentation tank, and traveling machine, etc .; used with traveling machine can realize the function of one machine with multiple tanks; the matching fermentation tank can continuously discharge and It can be discharged in batches; high efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, even throwing; centralized control of the control cabinet can realize manual or automatic control functions; equipped with soft starter, low impact load when starting; equipped with gear lifting hydraulic System; the gears are sturdy and durable, and have certain shattering and mixing functions for materials;   It includes a walking fermentation tank body, a walking track, a power take-off device, a dumping and dumping part, and a rotating tank device (also called a transfer vehicle, which is mainly used in the case of multiple tanks). The working part of the dumping and dumping pile adopts advanced roller transmission, which can be lifted or not lifted.  

Features of pig manure turning harrow

1. The pig manure turning harrow turning system can process the material into small clumps, making the thick and dense raw material pile fluffy and elastic, and forming a suitable porosity

2. The suitable moisture content for raw material fermentation is around 55 ﹪, and the moisture standard of the finished organic fertilizer is below 20 ﹪. During fermentation, biochemical reactions will generate new water, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will cause water to lose its carrier and be released. Therefore, with the fertilizer production process, the moisture is reduced in time. In addition to the evaporation formed by heat conduction, the raw material will be forced to be emitted by the tank type stacker when it is turned.

3. The pig manure turning harrow realizes the special requirements of the composting process. Such as crushing the raw materials, giving the raw material pile a certain shape or realizing the quantitative shift of the raw materials.

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