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JC-50 type BOD rapid tester-Self-inspection of water quality in sewage treatment plant

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Keywords: BOD analyzer water quality detector

Product model: JC-50

Application: water treatment

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JC-50 type BOD rapid tester-Self-inspection of water quality in sewage treatment plant
Keywords: BOD tester, fast BOD tester
I. JC-50 BOD Quick Tester-Water Quality Self-Inspection Product Features of Sewage Treatment Plant
1.Advanced principle: using microbial electrode method
2. Accurate results: Comparable with the five-day method
3. Simple operation: microcomputer control, intelligent measurement
4, short measurement time: 5-8 minutes to complete a sample determination
5.Easy maintenance: only need to replace the microbial membrane and infusion tube regularly
6. Water sample does not need pre-treatment, strong anti-interference ability
7, high safety, the bacteria used are harmless to the human body
Second, JC-50 type BOD rapid tester-sewage treatment plant water quality self-test product parameters
1. Measuring range: 2-50 mg / L (dilution can be measured to 4000mg / L)
2. Repeatability: ≤10%
3. Accuracy: better than 5%
4. Resolution: 0.1 mg / L
5. One sample time: 5-8 minutes
6. Sampling method: constant current continuous sampling
7. Consumption of buffer solution: 5ml / min
8. Required sample volume: 50ml for each measurement
9. Ambient temperature: (5-40) C
10. Relative humidity: ≤90%
11. Power: 100W
12. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
13. External dimensions: (560 360 210) mm
14. Weight: 16kg (including packaging about 20kg)
Self-inspection of Pollutant Exceed Units --- Procurement
Test items product name Common models Specifications standard
Wastewater detection COD online monitor JC2000-CODCr 24 hours monitoring with RS485 communication protocol Dichromate method HJ / T 399-2007
Ammonia nitrogen online monitor JC2001-NH3-N 24 hours monitoring with RS485 communication protocol Salicylic acid spectrophotometry HJ 536-2009
Total phosphorus online monitor JC2002-TP 24 hours monitoring with RS485 communication protocol Spectrophotometric method of ammonium molybdate GB11893-89
Total nitrogen online monitor JC2003-TN 24 hours monitoring with RS485 communication protocol Basic potassium persulfate digestion UV spectrophotometry HJ 636-2012
Water quality sampler JC-8000G 24 bottles with refrigerated samples Environmental Protection Agency [2017] Standard 61
On-line dissolved oxygen meter JC-DO6000 Fluorescence method ————
BOD online JC-80D UV method ————
Data collector K37 Standard ————
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Xi'an Water Affairs Bureau of Shaanxi Province. In 2019, Xi'an will build 7 sewage treatment plants, and will start construction of 5 sewage treatment plants. Up to now, Xi'an has completed 30 sewage treatment plants (25 put into operation and 5 commissioning), and the city's sewage treatment capacity has reached 3.116 million cubic meters per day. It is planned that a total of 37 sewage treatment plants will be put into operation by the end of the year.
In the first half of this year, Xi'an's urban sewage centralized treatment volume was 456.8076 million cubic meters, COD reduction was 116,400 tons, ammonia nitrogen reduction was 11,000 tons, the compliance rate was 100%, and the average facility load rate was 86.9%. Among them, the urban sewage treatment capacity is 43,733,600 cubic meters, with a treatment rate of 96.65%, and the county sewage treatment capacity is 19.477 million cubic meters, with a treatment rate of 83.54%. The sewage treatment rates are higher than the provincial and municipal assessment indicators. At present, the Lantian County Sewage Treatment Plant and the Lantian County Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II have completed upgrading and upgrading, and the effluent quality has reached surface water Class IV standards.
In order to promote the healthy development of Xi'an's urban sewage treatment industry and manage well-established sewage treatment facilities, the Xi'an Water Affairs Department has established a sewage treatment fee collection mechanism to incorporate the municipal sewage treatment fee revenue and expenditure into the municipal budget. Solved the problem that the sewage treatment fees could not be offset.
In terms of daily supervision, Xi'an incorporates the construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities into the city's target assessment system and conducts monthly assessments. Xi'an Municipal Sewage Treatment Supervision and Management Center strengthens supervision and regularly or irregularly inspects the quality of factory water to ensure various sewage treatment plants Standardize operations and achieve emissions.
General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the ecological environment is a major political issue related to the party's mission and purpose, and it must be returned to the people with a clear water, green shores, and a shallow bottom. As a 3A-level credit enterprise and high-tech industry, Juchuang Environmental Protection has become an executive and practitioner of "Million Rivers and Long Water Protection", focusing on environmental testing and providing you with customized integration solutions.

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