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Some common treatment methods for domestic sewage

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The so-called domestic sewage is the sewage produced by people in the daily life process, mainly some kitchen waste water, washing waste water and waste water. Malodor in domestic sewage is one of the more serious pollution hazards. It not only pollutes the water environment, but also causes distress to residents' lives. The sewage treated by domestic sewage treatment equipment, whether used for industrial, agricultural or recharged groundwater Must meet relevant water quality standards. How many treatment methods are there for domestic sewage treatment equipment?
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1. Physical treatment method: Wastewater treatment method that separates and recovers insoluble pollutants (including oil film and oil droplets) in suspension in wastewater by physical action, which can be divided into gravity separation method, centrifugal separation method and sieve retention method Wait.

2. Chemical treatment method: Wastewater treatment method that separates and removes dissolved or colloidal pollutants in wastewater or converts them into harmless substances through chemical reactions and mass transfer.

3. Biological treatment method: The wastewater treatment method that transforms organic pollutants in solution, colloid, and fine suspension in wastewater into stable and harmless substances through the metabolism of microorganisms. According to the different microorganisms, biological treatment methods can be divided into aerobic biological treatment.

4. Two types of anaerobic biological treatment. Aerobic biological treatment methods are widely used in wastewater biological treatment. According to the tradition, aerobic biological treatment methods are divided into activated sludge method and biofilm method. Activated sludge method itself is a kind of processing unit. Anaerobic biological treatment method, also known as biological reduction treatment method, is mainly used to treat high-concentration organic wastewater and sludge. The processing equipment used is mainly a digester.

5. Biological contact oxidation method: The biological contact oxidation method is used to treat waste water, that is, the biological contact oxidation process is used to fill the filler in the biological reaction tank, and the oxygenated sewage is immersed in the entire filler.
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