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3D metal printing requires oxygen analyzer

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In many different industries around the world, stacked manufacturing technology has made new progress every day, involving many fields, and has been labeled as a disruptive technology. As a result, many companies are actively developing their own printing equipment to gain a lead.

Metal 3D printing usually uses two main technologies, one is high-temperature laser spraying; the other is adhesive spray printing. They also make relatively complex parts by depositing ceramics or metals, which has the advantage of reducing the time for prototype development and the time it takes to make the final part.

For 3D printed parts, there are many options to choose from, some of which are important for controlling the atmosphere in the cavity. Generally, hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon are used as protective gases in the cavity of the entire 3D printing device. in vivo. The first process requires that the printing room be vacuumed with all the oxygen. After the oxygen is removed, the argon is then backfilled or released back into the room to reduce the oxygen to 500 ppm or less. The oxygen analyzer (0-1000ppm oxygen range) has a sensor in the printing room that monitors oxygen while the machine is running.


Stacked manufacturing can customize material properties, shorten manufacturing cycles, and increase the complexity of parts. More professional analytical instruments are needed for measurement. The trace oxygen analyzer of 3D printing equipment newly created by Wuhan Huamin can trace trace oxygen for the protective gas section. Precise monitoring. The analyzer uses zirconia oxygen sensor imported from Australia, which can withstand 700 high temperature, and can be used in any combination of in-line, diffusion, and flow detection methods. PPM level oxygen content measurement is accurate.

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