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Go straight to the exhibition, Wuhan Huamin shares the harvest with you

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The 19th Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition ended on August 11, 2019 in Beijing! Wuhan Huamin thank you for coming, and hope that it will help you to control the atmosphere of the heat treatment process while leaving a good impression on you.

In this exhibition, we shared the latest technology and products, exchanged practical issues, and discussed the future development direction of heat treatment process atmosphere analysis.




At the exhibition, we received all kinds of inquiries from new and old customers and conducted in-depth exchanges. Let's review the hot topics and products we discussed with you at the scene!

What is the difference between a heat treatment furnace condition monitoring system and an oxygen probe?

As a new multi-atmosphere product for the iterative upgrade of the oxygen probe, the atmosphere control in the heat treatment furnace can be refined, which is suitable for the atmosphere control environment in the heat treatment furnace with more complex processes.


What are the full factor monitoring systems for nitriding atmosphere?
Technological innovation, laser technology is applied to the sensor, which improves the measurement accuracy to a step. Modular structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Without fear of environmental interference, directly measure the nitriding atmosphere online in real time.


This time, Wuhan Huamin brought many products, insisted on product practicality, portability and precision, constantly innovated, attracted many customers, and accepted an on-site interview with the film crew of the "China Brand" column.


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