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On PLC Remote Monitoring System in Dyeing Wastewater Treatment System

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business background

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement and innovation of industrial production equipment, PLC remote monitoring technology is increasingly used in industrial production processes, especially in the field of wastewater treatment. The printing and dyeing industry is a high water consumption industry. With the shortage of water resources and the continuous increase in water prices, vigorously developing the wastewater treatment and recycling of the printing and dyeing industry can not only save limited water resources, reduce enterprise investment costs, but also reduce the amount of sewage emission.

Solution Wutong Bolian launched a printing and dyeing wastewater treatment system based on PLC remote monitoring. Through Wutong Bolian remote safety communication gateway and 3GRTU and other equipment monitoring, sensors in various links and PLC or other controllers of various equipment, and Collect data through various communication methods such as WIFI, 3G, and Ethernet wired access

Go to Wutong Bolian printing and dyeing wastewater treatment system cloud platform or configuration software and other upper computer, through the large flat display or monitoring software monitoring, make the processing process more scientific and reasonable, and improve work efficiency and quality.

System functions

1 device access, support access to hundreds of thousands or millions of devices, and provide secure and reliable data processing capabilities to facilitate the security standard access and big data aggregation of various devices.

2 Equipment configuration, set the normal range of status values, when it is out of range, it is an abnormal state, set the alarm level, alarm time limit and alarm method (SMS, email, internal alarm) of the abnormal state.

3 gateways are available in various communication modes such as WIFI, Ethernet, 3G / 4G, etc., which are suitable for various use occasions of the equipment.

4Equipment alarm, the system detects that the device has an abnormal state, and obtains the alarm level, alarm time limit and alarm mode of the status to initiate an alarm notification.

5 Device status query and control, including real-time and historical status query of the device, sending control commands to the device and returning results.

6 Support PLC program remote upload and download, users can remotely program and debug the device.

7Control of device access rights. You can set permissions to restrict user access to the device.

8 can provide platform access in the form of monitoring walls, PCs, and various mobile terminal equipment.

9 Multi-dimensional report query analysis, various chart display, and big data analysis provide reference for decision-making.

The application of PLC remote monitoring in the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment system can help enterprises to establish a complete remote intelligent monitoring system for equipment, and solve the problem of centralized management and maintenance and fault diagnosis of equipment that is too scattered.

Introduction of Wutong Bolian Industrial Intelligent Gateway:


1. Powerful protocol analysis capability: compatible with Siemens, Mitsubishi, Holly, Omron, Schneider and other brands and models.

2. Diverse communication interfaces: support network port, serial port and other methods to communicate with the gateway.

3. Strong environmental adaptability: It has multiple communication methods such as WiFi, 3G, and Ethernet wired access at the same time, adapting to various complex industrial environments.

4. Extremely strong stability: This product adopts industrial grade design, supports disconnection and reconnection, abnormal recovery, system self-monitoring, ensuring that the equipment is online in real time, and ensuring the normal operation of the monitoring system.

5. Extremely simple installation method: The device is small in size and adopts rail installation method, which can be installed without changing the existing basic structure of the device.

6. Support PLC remote maintenance, program remote download, and rely on PLC's own software or customer's own configuration to realize PLC localization operation.
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