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Online flood control and flood prevention monitoring system

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project name Online flood control and flood prevention monitoring system
Construction site Xiamen Construction start time 2017-3-3 Construction end time 2017-7-1
Construction nature Rebuild Engineering investment Wastewater properties
Processing scale Inlet water quality Water quality
Treatment process Running cost Contract scope
Engineering description

1. The monitoring site is located by the lake, the water and land cross, the environment is complex, and the wiring is inconvenient. 2. There are 20 monitoring sites in total, each monitoring site has a camera and a PLC; It is mainly used for water level and gate switch control. The camera is mainly used to check whether the gate is normally opened and the surrounding status. 3. The system uses the monitoring center to query and view other independent monitoring points, such as rainfall, level gauge, etc., to collect through RTU equipment.

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