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Foshan Guinness invites you to visit the Guangzhou China Expo 2019

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Foshan Gness Magnetic Levitation Blower is a green energy-saving product with a wide range of applications. The active magnetic levitation bearing technology and magnetic bearing control technology independently patented by Gnesia are applied. Compared with traditional blowers, the energy saving is up to 30% or more. Friction, no need for lubrication device, the noise of the whole machine is below 80dB. The automatic control system does not require personnel to be on site; maintenance is simple, and only the filter device needs to be replaced regularly; the service life of the machine is more than 20 years.

Magnetic levitation blowers can be applied to sewage treatment aeration in municipal and industrial industries, out-of-stock or nitrogen transportation in petrochemical industry, fans for material transportation or reaction in cement industry, pollution-free transportation of raw materials in food and pharmaceutical industries, and semiconductor industry. Foshan Gness Magnetic Levitation Blower currently has performance cases all over the country. The industry has become more and more widely used and has been recognized by relevant users.
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