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Tianji Coal Chemical Technology Application Case

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project name Tianji Coal Chemical Technology Application Case
Construction site Shanxi Construction start time 2008-5-28 Construction end time
Construction nature New Engineering investment Wastewater properties
Processing scale Inlet water quality Water quality
Treatment process Running cost Contract scope
Engineering description

Tianji Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd.'s new system purification water workshop. The water treatment system uses reverse osmosis technology. The system was put into operation in 2013. The capacity of the reverse osmosis system is 4 115 tons / hour, (19: 9) 4 Way, design desalination rate 99.55 % Membrane element is Hydron PROC10. The system uses reclaimed water and circulating sewage as the water source. Accessed the intelligent management system in September 2014.

Engineering picture
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1st floor Duan Xiaoming2017-07-24

What is the concentration ratio of reverse osmosis water? Where to go for concentrated water? We have crystalline condensation catalytic oxidation equipment specializing in the treatment of highly concentrated concentrated wastewater (no need for high temperature and no freezing). Hubei New Taili Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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