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How to use mud precipitant

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I. Dissolution of Mud Precipitant

1. Mud precipitant must be dissolved into a glue-like liquid before use.

2. Use a stirrer to dissolve the mud precipitant and tap water in a ratio of one to two thousandth.

3. Pour the weighed medicine powder calmly and quickly along the edge of the vortex generated by stirring. Stir and dissolve for about 40-60 minutes. Dissolution is complete and a glue-like liquid is formed.

2. Mud separation test

After the mud precipitant solution is prepared, take 1000 ml of mud, suck 10 ml of the prepared mud precipitant solution with a syringe, and stir the mud wastewater to fully mix the mud and mud precipitant solution. Observe the precipitation effect after 10 seconds, such as precipitation It is unsatisfactory to continue to increase the dosage of drugs in order to achieve a good separation effect.

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