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Application range of short process steel cems online gas monitoring system

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Keywords: cems online smoke monitoring system

Product model: TK-1000

Application: Atmospheric control

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Application scope of online short-circuit steel cems flue gas monitoring system I. Product application scope The online monitoring system of short-flow iron and steel flue gas is suitable for steelmaking production process using electric arc furnace smelting with scrap steel or direct reduced iron as the main raw material; Pelletizing and rolling enterprises. Real-time monitoring of particulate matter concentration, sulfur dioxide (SO2) concentration, nitrogen oxide (NOX) concentration, oxygen (O2) content, flue gas temperature, flue gas pressure, flue gas flow rate, humidity, and carbon monoxide ( CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen chloride (HCL), hydrogen fluoride (HF), ammonia (NH3), hydrocarbon (CHX) and other parameters. It can also be connected to the computer of the superior environmental protection department through the network, and the environmental protection department can conveniently and quickly call the monitoring data.

Product advantages
1. The pre-processing system adopts a front door cradle design. The heating temperature of the probe, the sampling tube and the backflush time are directly set on the man-machine dialogue screen, and can be set, fault alarm, PLC status and other information. Convenient for later maintenance.
2. The pre-processing system is equipped with a sample gas humidity alarm device. The humidity can interlock the entire system to protect the analyzer from water pollution.
3. The analysis flowmeter adopts Dwyer imported from the United States to ensure that the sample gas flows into the gas analyzer steadily and is not affected by the fluctuation of gas flow, thereby making the measurement data more accurate.
4. The pre-processing system is open circuit, the terminal is ABB, the relay and temperature controller are Omron products, and the 24v power supply, temperature control module, PLC and I / O expansion module are Siemens products.
5.The flue gas analyzer uses imported spectrometers and key components. The range is dual range. The range can be manually / automatically switched to ensure the accuracy at different levels. The use is more stable and the data is more accurate.
6. The pre-processing system uses an electric ball valve to achieve the zero-range automatic calibration function.
7. Support remote configuration and remote diagnosis analyzer via GPRS.
8, the analysis system contains automatic standard effects, one-click leak detection, one-click maintenance and other functions.
9. Provides PC-side and **-side APP, with functions such as display monitoring, data processing, report management, remote communication, remote monitoring, and abnormal alarm.

3. Sewage production and discharge links (1) PM: electric arc furnace, hot metal pretreatment, refining, continuous casting cutting, flame cleaning, steel slag treatment, etc., heat treatment furnace for steel rolling process, finishing mill, drawing straightening, finishing, grinding, welding, etc Organized emissions; unorganized emissions from processes such as steelmaking and rolling.
(2) SO2: Steel rolling heat treatment furnace.
(3) NOx: steel rolling heat treatment furnace.
(4) VOCs: organized emissions from the color rolling process of rolled steel and fugitive emissions from the pickling and coating processes of rolled steel. In addition, organized emissions from the EAF steelmaking process produce small amounts of dioxins.

IV. Verification method (1) Electricity analysis: Obtain the power consumption of the company from the grid company, analyze the change in power during the historical warning period, and compare whether the power consumption during the period of reducing emissions has significantly decreased. Happening.
(2) On-site inspection: The main purpose is to check whether the company stopped production in accordance with the emergency emission reduction measures during the warning period. On-site inspections of production stoppages of sintering machines, pellet equipment, electric arc furnaces, steel rolling heat treatment furnaces, finishing mills and other equipment.
(3) Checking of ledger: It mainly checks whether the enterprise stops production in accordance with emergency emission reduction measures during the early warning and non-warning periods. Check the online data of electric arc furnace, heat treatment furnace, and flue gas, and compare whether the concentration or emission of major pollutants during the early warning period has decreased; check the vehicle transportation records, and compare whether the transportation vehicles have decreased during the early warning period.
(4) Transportation inspection: Obtain video monitoring records of the factory gates, compare the frequency of transportation of heavy-duty trucks in the factory area before and after the warning, and check whether they meet the requirements; spot-check the running vehicles to check whether the emission standards meet the requirements.

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