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300m3 / day brewing wastewater treatment process

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酿造废水处理广泛应用于葡萄酒、白酒、啤酒、酱油等领域。 Brewing wastewater treatment usually deals with high-concentration organic wastewater. Soy sauce wastewater is a food fermentation wastewater with high organic content. The main components are food residues such as shredded bean crumbs, bran, flour, sugar, soy sauce, fermentation residues, various A variety of microorganisms and enzymes and metabolites secreted by microorganisms, soy sauce pigments, trace amounts of detergents, disinfectants, and a small amount of salt, etc., have high chroma, and the wastewater treatment has certain difficulties. And other fields.

The process of anaerobic treatment of brewing wastewater is as follows:

Description of brewing wastewater treatment process

1. After the brewing wastewater is treated by the pretreatment facilities such as the original sedimentation tank, the existing first-level anaerobic tank is transformed into a hydrolytic acidification tank, and the effluent enters the water distribution well, and the water distribution well is transformed using the first-stage oxidation pond. A heating system is installed in the water distribution well to maintain the water temperature of the wastewater at 35 3 C to ensure the smooth operation of the subsequent anaerobic process.

2. Use the original N and P nutrient salt dosing device in the water distribution well to supplement the lack of nutrients in the wastewater and maintain a high removal effect;

3. The pump from the water distribution well is lifted to the LXIC anaerobic reactor. In the LXIC anaerobic reactor, the majority of organic matter is removed by the decomposition of anaerobic microorganisms, and a large amount of clean energy is generated-biogas and can be sold as bacteria High-quality granular sludge;

4. IC effluent enters subsequent structures for treatment and discharges after reaching discharge standards.

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