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Pig farms no longer have to worry about the problems of sewage treatment

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Pig farm wastewater has a typical "three highs" feature, with CODcr as high as 3000 ~ 12000mg / l, ammonia nitrogen as high as 800 ~ 2200mg / l, and SS exceeding the standard by dozens of times. Large-scale livestock and poultry wastewater treatment has attracted great attention from pig farm owners and relevant departments. It is urgent to adopt a series of control measures and choose economic and efficient treatment technologies. With the national and part of the region's sewage discharge standards are increasingly updated, the problem of high-concentration pig wastewater discharge has become more prominent.

For pig farm wastewater, it generally contains active agents that have an inhibitory effect on biological bacteria and are difficult to degrade. Therefore, it is proposed to adopt an air flotation and biochemical treatment process to degrade and remove organic pollutants in sewage after multi-stage treatment.

Shandong Longxin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. designs and develops aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment with biochemical method as its core, and independently develops aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment. The equipment occupies a small area, is highly targeted, and is not affected by weather. Stable, especially for the removal of ammonia nitrogen pollutants in sewage. And it has independent intellectual property rights, which effectively solves the problem of difficult sewage treatment and difficult to achieve standards.

Treatment process of sewage treatment equipment for professional pig farms

This project uses biofilm method: anoxic-aerobic (A / 0) treatment process. A / O is an anoxic aerobic biological contact oxidation method. It is a mature biological treatment process, which has the advantages of high volume load, fast biodegradation speed, small footprint, low capital investment and operating costs, and can replace the original city. The ordinary activated sludge method used for sewage treatment is particularly suitable for the treatment of medium and high-concentration industrial wastewater, and has the advantages of low investment, less land occupation and high treatment efficiency. This process uses a combination of biological contact oxidation and precipitation. The process is mature and reliable. The sludge is settled in the equipment, part of the sludge is further oxidized and decomposed due to the action of dissolved oxygen, and part of it is stripped into the settling sedimentation tank.

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