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Shanxi Tianhai Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

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Shanxi Tianhai Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

The existing products of submersible pumps for QJ wells, QS small submersible pumps, QSP submersible pumps for fountains, QY oil-filled submersible pumps; WQ, WQD sewage and sewage submersible pumps; QDX, QX domestic small submersible pumps; And WBZ miniature electric pumps; TH intelligent water pump controller and control cabinet; IS (R) G type pipeline centrifugal pump; D, DG, DF, DY, MD series multistage centrifugal pumps; CDL, CDLF light stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal Pump; TZB, THB submersible shaft mixed flow pump ...

Main business: hot spring submersible pump, stainless steel submersible pump, hot water submersible pump, high temperature submersible pump, deep well submersible pump

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