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Application of Aikelan? LSC-3 on Cyanobacteria Control in Julong Lake Park

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project name Application of Aikelan? LSC-3 on Cyanobacteria Control in Julong Lake Park
Construction site Julong Lake, Yancheng, Jiangsu Construction start time Construction end time
Construction nature Rebuild Engineering investment Wastewater properties
Processing scale 360 acres Inlet water quality Water quality
Treatment process Aerated microorganism Running cost Contract scope
Engineering description

The Julong Lake Park is the original Neigang Lake Park. The total investment of the project is 357 million yuan, covering an area of 500 acres, of which the water area is more than 360 acres. The project started in early 2008. It is the core area of the urban center of Chengnan New District. Plan and transform on the basis of topography and landscape, constructing more than 10 scenic spots such as park water rhyme stage, music fountain, Jiuqu Trestle Bridge, Qingfeng Pavilion, Shuiyunxuan, Piaocheng New Street, etc., to maximize the enjoyment of entertainment and leisure for the general public Excursions, sports and fitness needs. The reconstruction of Julong Lake Park was completed in 2010. Since its completion, it has always been plagued by cyanobacteria and other pollution every summer. Water pollution has caused public dissatisfaction and media attention. In May 2013, Beijing Lvjingxing accepted the invitation of the Management Committee of Chengnan New District of Yancheng City to inspect the site of Julong Lake. The implementation plan for biological ecological treatment was drawn up at the end of June, and the construction was entered in July. The system commissioning was completed on July 25. After a 70-day trial run, the water quality was stable, and the expert group identified that the water purification and cyanobacteria control project of Julong Lake Park reached the expected goals, and the water quality continued to be good. The preliminary examination was passed on October 28, 2013. After a summer operation, the treatment goal was reached: no cyanobacteria breeding, and the water color was pleasant.

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