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Urban river water detection scheme

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In recent years, with the accelerated development of the national economy, environmental issues have become more and more concerned by the people. While economic development has brought people material enjoyment, it has also brought tremendous pressure on the environment in which we live. Environmental protection work has also become an important area for the country's sustainable development in the future. In December 2016, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on the Comprehensive Implementation of the River Length System", which improved the urban river water management mechanism.
The management and protection of rivers and lakes is a complex systematic project involving upstream and downstream, left and right banks, different administrative regions and industries.
River water contains carbonates, sulfates and calcium and other dissolved substances. Unlike seawater, seawater mainly contains chlorides and sodium.
According to the environmental functions and protection objectives of surface waters, they are divided into five categories in order of function level:
Class Ⅰ is mainly applicable to source water and national nature reserves;
Class Ⅱ is mainly applicable to the first-level protected areas of centralized drinking water and surface water sources, habitats of rare aquatic organisms, fish and shrimp production sites, and bait and juvenile fish feeding sites;
Type Ⅲ is mainly applicable to secondary protection areas of centralized drinking water and surface water sources, fish and shrimp wintering grounds, migratory passages, aquaculture areas and other fishery waters and swimming areas;
Type Ⅳ is mainly applicable to general industrial water areas and entertainment water areas where the human body is not in direct contact;
Category Ⅴ is mainly applicable to agricultural water areas and waters with general landscape requirements.
The standard value of the project specified for water quality monitoring requires natural sedimentation for 30 minutes after the water sample is collected, and the non-settled part of the upper layer is taken for analysis according to the prescribed method.
The sampling layout and monitoring frequency of surface water quality monitoring shall meet the requirements of national technical specifications for surface water environmental monitoring.
For the analysis method of water quality projects, the prescribed method should be preferred. Other equivalent analysis methods such as ISO method system can also be used, but the applicability test must be performed.
River water testing should be sampled and then tested. Each step is standardized, and the conventional testing items are COD \ SS \ BOD \ DO \ Chroma.
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