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Rare earth porcelain sand filter

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Product model: pc1209

Application: water treatment

Product Price: 1650

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Rare earth porcelain sand filter is a kind of gray-white filter with high mechanical strength, low wear rate, large specific surface area and high porosity. It is a new product suitable for removing colloidal impurities in sewage. Our factory has widely absorbed domestic The production experience of ceramic filter media, and the guidance of experts from the Ceramic Research Institute, repeated the formula test, adjusted the production process and firing temperature several times, developed an advanced level of water treatment medium porcelain sand.

Rare earth porcelain sand filter materials are widely used as single-layer filters, multi-layer filters, mechanical filters as filtering media, and various industrial sewage, industrial water, urban tap water, urban sewage, pure water, soft water, and also It can be used as biological filter to treat organic sewage. It can also be used as filter material for various industrial dust and boiler smoke.

Gong Yi Pengcheng filter material manufacturers produce and supply rare earth porcelain sand filter materials, with a variety of specifications and large discounts. Customers are welcome to come to consult and purchase!

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