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Combined filler

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Product model: pc0924

Application: water treatment

Product price: 80

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Combined filler is developed on the basis of soft filler and semi-flexible filler. It has the advantages of both. The combined filler is composed of a fiber bundle, a plastic sheet, a sleeve and a center rope. Its structure is to change the plastic buckle into a double-ring large plastic ring, and press the aldehyde fiber or polyester filament on the ring's ring, The fiber bundles are evenly distributed; the inner ring is a snowflake-shaped plastic branch, which can not only hang the film, but also effectively cut air bubbles, and improve the oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate. The water-gas biofilm can be fully exchanged, and the organic matters in the water can be efficiently treated.

Combined packing is suitable for contact oxidation tower, oxidation tank oxidation tank and other equipment, and is a biological carrier for biological contact oxidation and anaerobic fermentation to treat wastewater. It has the advantages of high heat dissipation performance, small resistance, good water and gas distribution performance, no blockage, no agglomeration, large specific surface area, easy hanging film, long service life, etc. Widely used in sewage, wastewater treatment engineering and anaerobic treatment of high-concentration wastewater such as textiles, alcohol, sugar making, papermaking, and food fermentation.

Gong Yi Pengcheng filter material manufacturers produce and supply combined packings, with a variety of specifications and large discounts. Customers are welcome to come to consult and purchase!

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