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How to select a laboratory fan?

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Suzhou Dingyulai introduced to you how to select a laboratory fan?

、实验室风机选型的五要素: 1. Five elements of laboratory fan selection:

; ① Air volume and wind pressure: the distinction and difference between the actual demand, actual demand change and design requirements in the working conditions ;

; ② Operating conditions: the actual conditions of the fan site, such as power supply, air pressure, temperature difference, humidity, weather, soot, and fan working time

; ③ Discharge medium composition: In addition to conventional air, the medium contains other solid dust, dust, special gases, steam, liquid beads, etc .;

④ Installation position, installation and connection method:

Installation details: roof, side wall, indoor and outdoor, etc.

Installation form: pipeline lifting, seat mounting, etc.

( 旋向 ) 、法兰、软接头、风管尺寸等 Import and export connection method: inlet and outlet wind direction requirements ( rotational direction ) , flanges, soft joints, air pipe size, etc.

⑤ Other requirements such as accessories and noise.

、实验室风机处于哪种工作环境 ? 有没有特殊要求 ? 排什么气体 ? 2. What kind of working environment is the laboratory fan in ? Are there any special requirements ? What kind of gas does it emit ?

Be sure to judge whether it is ordinary room temperature clean gas exhaust, process exhaust, fire exhaust, explosion-proof exhaust, anticorrosive exhaust, kitchen exhaust, etc.

General exhaust does not have special requirements for laboratory fans, as long as it meets the design conditions and customer requirements. 1500rpm 以下,因为转速太高,风机及其部件就很容易损坏,如轴承和轴,皮带和皮带轮提前磨损,导致频繁地更换部件,提高了维护成本 ; However, the speed of the fan should generally be controlled below 1500rpm , because the speed is too high, the fan and its components are easily damaged, such as bearings and shafts, belts and pulleys wear out in advance, resulting in frequent replacement of components, increasing maintenance costs ;

; 不同成分有不同的处理方法,对风机的要求不同。 There are many types of process air exhaust. Some may contain welding slag, paint, explosive gas, and sometimes need high temperature resistance, exhaust fume, etc .; different components have different treatment methods, and the requirements for the fan are different.

; 要加过滤网,且电机不可内置。 Welding slag is trapped in the gas: The exhaust air from the welding workshop or the cutting workshop usually takes into consideration the impurities such as metal chips and welding slag contained in the exhaust gas ; a filter must be added, and the motor cannot be built-in. If these impurities enter the fan, they may scratch and wear accessories such as bearing belts, and more seriously, they will damage the motor and cause the motor to be scrapped. ( 过滤直径大于一毫米的颗粒 ) ,并电机外置 ( 防止金属屑进入电机 ) Therefore, it is required to add an initial effect filtering aluminum mesh ( filter particles larger than one millimeter in diameter ) , and the motor is external (to prevent metal chips from entering the motor )

; 油漆中都含有易挥发的有机溶剂,属易燃易爆气体,如果遇到明火,如电火花就可能引起爆炸。 The gas contains paint: most need to add a filter, with an explosion-proof fan, with an explosion-proof motor, a shaft seal, and the motor is external ; the paint contains volatile organic solvents, which are flammable and explosive gases. If an open flame is encountered, such as An electric spark can cause an explosion. Therefore, the fan is required to be explosion-proof;

High temperature and smoke exhaust: select a fan that has passed national fire protection certification;

280 ℃高温连续运行 30 It is used for firefighting and smoke exhaust. It has passed the national firefighting and smoke exhaust certification.   Min, these two types can choose two-speed motor, usually low power, low speed, low noise, low power consumption, can be used as a general exhaust fan; under special circumstances, the motor gear shift, power increase, speed increase, The air volume and static pressure are greatly improved, and the purpose of rapid smoke exhaust is achieved.

; Exhaust gas contains explosive gas or dust: must be equipped with explosion-proof fan and explosion-proof motor ;

FRP( 玻璃钢材质 ) 或塑料材质 ; 如果是中等腐蚀性,可选不锈钢材质 ; 如果是弱 The exhaust gas contains corrosive gas: first of all, what corrosive gas and what kind of composition, if it is acid and alkali, select FRP ( glass fiber reinforced plastic ) or plastic material ; if it is moderately corrosive, choose stainless steel ; if it is weak   10 微米,双层涂层可达到 20 微米左右。 When the acid-alkali exhaust air or the content of corrosive gas in the air is relatively low, the purpose can be achieved by making an anticorrosive coating on the impeller, a single-layer coating can achieve 10 microns, and a double-layer coating can reach about 20 microns.

Fire Exhaust: Fans that have passed national fire certification should be selected.

Exhaust oil fume: The type of fan that has been made of non-stick coated impeller and can collect oil droplets for easy cleaning.


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