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Guizhou Municipal Government Procurement-Landfill Leachate Treatment Project

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project name Guizhou Municipal Government Procurement-Landfill Leachate Treatment Project
Construction site Guizhou Province Construction start time 2019-2-28 Construction end time 2019-5-1
Construction nature New Engineering investment Wastewater properties Landfill leachate
Processing scale 250TD Inlet water quality Exceed Water quality Standard for Table 2 of "Water Pollutants Control Standard for Domestic Waste Landfill" (GB16889-2008)
Treatment process MBR + AO Running cost Contract scope The whole project
Engineering description

Size: 1.2 4.5 4.5m (carbon steel anti-corrosion) Size: Φ6.0 6.0m (nitrification tank, carbon steel anti-corrosion) Spring Thunder service technology 1. Provide equipment related technical training services 2. Supply new mature and stable equipment 3. Send professional to solve the related technical problems that may occur during the operation of the equipment. MBR system: Contains the production water pump, backwash pump, aeration fan and dosing system. It automatically generates water and automatically switches backwash through the PLC control system. It runs continuously for 24 hours. Denitrification tank submersible mixer, nitrating solution return pump: normally open, manual control of start and stop; carbon source dosing system: manual control, manual adjustment of the amount of carbon source by water quality; equipment process characteristics mature technology, stable processing effect to ensure Meet the standard, adopt the design, and coordinate with the surrounding environment. Adjust the operation mode and process parameters according to the change of the incoming water quality to maximize the processing capacity of the processing equipment and structures.

Engineering picture
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