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Municipal Biomass Waste Disposal Project in Shenzhen

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清华大学 Participating unit: Tsinghua University
500吨/日 Scale: 500 tons / day
水热-厌氧消化 Process technology: hydrothermal-anaerobic digestion
深圳市城市生物质垃圾处置工程由深圳市利赛环保科技有限公司投资建设和运营,项目位于深圳市罗湖区布吉镇,项目总用地面积20800平方米,处置规模500t/d,包括菜场垃圾100t/d,餐厨垃圾100t/d,城市污水厂污泥(含水率80%)300t/d。 Case description: Shenzhen Municipal Biomass Waste Disposal Project is invested, constructed and operated by Shenzhen Lisai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. The project is located in Buji Town, Luohu District, Shenzhen. 100t / d of garbage, 100t / d of kitchen and kitchen waste, and 300t / d of sewage sludge (80% moisture content) in urban sewage plants. The project technology adopts biomass waste treatment and resource recovery technology independently developed and developed by Tsinghua University, combined with mature technologies at home and abroad for equipment matching and engineering. The final waste reduction rate of this system is more than 75%; most of the pollutants are converted into product gas, and the decemented cake enters the compost system (built in the dregs treatment plant) to produce organic fertilizer; the dehydrated filtrate enters after quenching and tempering treatment. The sanitary plant will be discharged after reaching the local pollutant discharge standards after intensive treatment. The odor generated in the entire system is processed by a biological deodorization system. The pollutant reduction rate of the entire system is 100%.
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1st floor Guteng netizen2019-03-28

I do n’t know how the project works, I hope to continue to report

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