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Sewage Treatment and Reuse of PetroChina Qingyang Petrochemical 3 Million Tons / Year Refinery Relocation Project

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Construction time: 2009 ~ 2010

Industry: Petrochemical

Project address: Dongzhi Town, Xifeng District, Qingyang City, Gansu Province

Project scale:

Sewage treatment plant: treatment capacity of 300 m3 / h, including domestic sewage of 30 m3 / h; reclaimed water reuse: 400 m3 / h of sewage treatment plant first-level drainage, 200 m3 / h of municipal sewage.

Background of the project:

China National Petroleum Corporation has steadily promoted the continuous reorganization of its refining and chemical business. In accordance with the principle of “reducing small to make big”, it has implemented a strategic deployment of “recycling, transforming, and reforming” to the surrounding refineries in Qingyang to fundamentally solve the current problems faced by Qingyang Petrochemical. Many problems, such as insufficient environmental capacity, many potential safety hazards, small development space, and unreasonable layout, have helped Qingyang Petrochemical Company's annual processing capacity reach 3 million tons. At the same time, it will increase support for the follow-up development of fine chemical projects and improve the overall strength of the enterprise. According to forecasts, by 2010, the gap in the demand for refined oil products nationwide will be 2000-2500 104t. After the implementation of Qingyang Petrochemical's 3 million tons / year refining relocation and transformation centralized processing project, it can increase the annual supply of high-quality petroleum products by 279.42 104t (of which gasoline and diesel is 231.62 104t / a) to support national economic construction. The total investment of the project is 43 100 million yuan. The contract value of water treatment projects undertaken by the company was 72.14 million yuan, accounting for 1.6% of the total project investment.

After the project is put into production, the water consumption per ton of oil can be reduced by 0.812 tons, and the target of water consumption per ton of oil is less than 0.5 tons. It can reduce 146.16 tons of COD, 1.22 tons of oil and 36.54 tons of ammonia nitrogen every year, which has good social benefits. The sewage reuse project will produce 1.092 million tons of RO water (high-quality reclaimed water) each year, saving 1.092 million tons of fresh water each year. The project was completed in the first half of 2010.

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