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Announcement of Bidding for Sewage Treatment and Extension in Shangqiu First People's Hospital, Henan

demand information:
Requirements Title: Announcement of Bidding for Sewage Treatment and Extension in Shangqiu First People's Hospital, Henan
Demand source: Member Post
Demand type: engineering
Original requirements: I. Tender conditions
The sewage treatment reconstruction and expansion of Shangqiu First People's Hospital has been approved for construction. The project fund is self-raised. The purchaser is Shangqiu First People's Hospital. This project has already met the tender conditions, and is now open to the public.
Project Overview and Tender Scope
2.1 Project Name: Sewage treatment and reconstruction of Shangqiu First People's Hospital.
2.2 Project location: west of Kaixuan Avenue, Shangqiu City, north of Beihai Road, inside the hospital.
2.3 Project Overview: The total construction area is 744.35㎡, the floor height of some underground sewage treatment stations is 6.7 meters, and the height of some auxiliary buildings is 4.8 meters. , The design life is 50 years, the seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees, the fire resistance level is a level.
2.4 Scope of Tendering: The civil and installation works of this project are subject to the scope and content of the tendering documents, bill of quantities, construction drawings, and contract agreements.
2.5 Bid Division: This bidding project is divided into 1 bidding segment. The bidding is: Sewage treatment station reconstruction and expansion project. The amount of the project budget is 6203828.07 yuan.
2.6 Duration: 100 calendar days. The calculation starts from the date of the notice of commencement issued by the purchaser or supervisor.
2.7 Quality target: To meet the requirements of construction drawing design and to meet the "qualified" standards of national and industry engineering quality inspection.
2.8 Defect liability period: 24 months from the date of acceptance.
Requirements for bidder qualifications
3.1, have the qualifications of an independent legal person of the enterprise, have a valid business legal person business license or a three-in-one business license;
3.2.Have a building construction qualification or a municipal public works contracting level III and above qualification and also have an environmental protection engineering contracting level III and above qualification;
3.3. Have a valid production safety license;
3.4 Achievements in similar projects for sewage treatment;
3.5 The proposed project manager must sign a labor contract with the bidder's enterprise and have a certificate of social insurance payment for the past three months. It should have a valid registration certificate for a Grade Ⅱ or above builder (major in construction or municipal public works) and a valid Certificate of Conformity for Work Safety Assessment (B certificate), and not serving as a project manager of other construction projects (except this project);
3.6 Financial requirements: provide the latest annual audited financial report; proof of the bidder's payment of taxes and social security funds in any month of 2018;
3.7 Credit requirements: in the past three years (January 1, 2015 to present), the project has not defrauded the bid winner, has severely breached the contract, or has been responsible for the construction of the project has major engineering quality, safety production accidents, has not been ordered to stop production, business suspension and other issues;
3.8, the unit responsible person is the same person or different units with a controlling or management relationship shall not submit bids for the project at the same time;
3.9. The Consortium will not accept this tender.
4. Bidding Registration
4.1. Anyone who wishes to participate in the bidding, please log on to the Henan Public Resources Trading Center (http://www.hnggzy.com) online from March 7, 2019 to March 14, 2019 (Beijing time). Apply for the online bidding registration with the obtained corporate identity authentication lock (CA key).
4.2. Market entities need to complete information registration and CA digital certificate processing in order to participate in trading activities through the provincial public resource trading platform. For details, please refer to the “Henan Province Public Resource Trading Platform” in the “Working Guide” section of the Henan Public Resource Trading Center website. Guidelines for the Registration of Market Entity Information Database (Engineering Construction, Government Procurement).
CA key handling address: Henan Information Development Co., Ltd. (Henan Provincial Information Security Electronic Certification Center) (18th floor, Weihua Building, at the intersection of Jinshui East Road and Dongfeng South Road, Zhengzhou City, telephone number: 0371-96596-0 transfer to labor) .
4.3 The price of the tender: RMB 1,000 per copy, non-refundable after sale.
V. Obtaining Bidding Documents
5.1 The bidder must complete the registration of the market subject information database and obtain the CA key, log in to the market subject system with the CA key, and download the bidding documents and information according to the online prompts (for details, see http://www.hnggzy.com Public Services- handling guideline).
5.2. The time for downloading the bidding documents is March 7, 2019 to March 27, 2019 (Beijing time). If the bidder fails to download the bidding documents online as required, his bid will be rejected.
5.3 After obtaining the bidding documents, bidders should go to the Henan Public Resources Trading Center website-Public Services-Download section to download the latest version of the bidding document production tool installation package, and use the latest installed version of the bidding document production tool to make electronic bids. file.
Submission of bid documents
6.1 Bidders need to submit encrypted electronic bidding documents and unencrypted electronic bidding documents. Encrypted electronic bidding documents must be uploaded to the trading system of Henan Public Resources Trading Center within the prescribed time; unencrypted electronic bidding documents must be submitted before the deadline for bidding.
6.2 The deadline for submission of bidding documents (the time for bid opening, the same below) is 9:00 on March 28, 2019 (Beijing time).
6.3. The purchaser shall not accept the encrypted electronic bidding documents that are overdue, or that the unencrypted electronic bidding documents are overdue or have not been delivered to the designated place.
6.4 Place for Bid Opening: The 5th bid opening room of Henan Public Resources Trading Center (12th Floor, Block A, Investment Building, 41 Agriculture Road East, Zhengzhou City).
6.5 Other related matters: The bidder shall send an authorized representative to participate when the bid is opened.
7. The announcement period is 5 working days.
release time: 2019-03-07
Validity period: 2019-03-28
Gu Teng audit: This information Guten.com has verified the validity.
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