Central Association recruitment!
The 4th Guangdong in 2018

We are scheduled to be at the China Import and Export Fair on September 18-20, 2018 ...

Talk about "ozone"

Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen (O2), at room temperature ...

Sludge drying reduction technology

Sludge drying can be removed from sludge by diafiltration or evaporation ...

Professional and reliable-

The 16th Shanghai International Bag Dedusting Technology and Equipment Exhibition ...

Hengqing Environmental Protection: Provided

The 16th Shanghai International Bag Dedusting Technology and Equipment Exhibition ...

100 billion market is in sight

With the increasingly strict environmental law enforcement, there is a constant source of industrial pollution ...

Beijing Lianhua Yongxing Technology Development Co., Ltd.
COD analyzer BOD analyzer
COD digester
Bluestar Toray Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis
Special Features of Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Beijing Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Group
Catalytic oxidation technology

Shanxi Yuncheng Jiezhou Tianhai QJG

Enterprise: Shanxi Tianhai

Material selection, all stainless steel pumps use food grade ...

Combined filler

Enterprise: Gongyi City Peng

Gong Yi Pengcheng filter material manufacturer production and supply combination fill ...

Short process steel cems smoke in

Enterprise: Shandong Xinze

The short-flow steel smoke online monitoring system is applicable ...

Noble PCL-1080C Online Chlorine

Enterprise: Shanghai Noble

PCL-1080C chloride ion online measurement and control instrument uses ...

Zhejiang Jinhua Organic Fermentation Plant

Enterprise: Jining Fang

The pig manure fermentation turning harrow is under the action of the lift ...

JC-50 type BOD rapid tester

Enterprise: Licang District

Organic fertilizer dumper track turning

Enterprise: Jining Fang

Track type flipping machine is also called slot type flipping machine, small ...

30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ water circulation vacuum

Enterprise: Hubei Kehui

The instrument uses water circulation heating to replace traditional ...

Hydropower station ecological flow monitoring and supervision

Enterprise: Dalian Meite

Born from Dalian Meite Automation Equipment Co., Ltd ...

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